Joint Patent Practice Seminar


The Joint Patent Practice seminar is one of the largest annual intellectual property law seminars in New York City, with attendance of over 350 patent attorneys from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware. The event includes a high-end dinner for government officials, an all-day seminar with 30+ speakers, including a judicial keynote speaker, and a luncheon for the 350+ attendees, including an award ceremony. I work regularly with Star Consulting, Inc., the administrative office which handles all aspects of the Joint Patent Practice, to create the marketing calendar for the current year’s seminar. I execute our plans by crafting an assortment of marketing collateral including direct mail pieces, email blasts, descriptive programs of the day’s events and speakers, sponsorship and registration flyers and forms. I design and update website content to coordinate with the emails and mailings that are sent to perspective and previous attendees. For the 2016 seminar, I setup and organized a Guidebook App for conference attendees, which included the seminar’s schedule, speakers, course material, sponsors, instructions, and push notifications. I’ve also attended the seminar on a yearly basis since April 2011, to provide on-site support in all areas of the day’s schedule.


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