Remembering David Carr, NY Times Media Critic

My blog post this week relates to the various significant impacts to the media industry that took place this past week, in particular, the passing of The New York Times media critic David Carr. The source for my blog post comes from a podcast by On The Media titled, “Remembering David Carr, New York Times Media Critic.” The beginning of the podcast recounts this week’s frenzy of headlines regarding media icons including: Brian Williams’ six month hiatus from NBC Nightly News after misreporting his experience in Iraq during the war; Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Show after seventeen years as host; the passing of Bob Simon of CBS after a fatal car crash in New York City; and finally, the passing of The New York Times media critic, David Carr, who fell unconscious in the newsroom where he crafted the headlines and stories that so greatly engaged his fans. David Carr, 58, gave extraordinary insight into the world of media and his eccentric way was the backbone for his unique storytelling. What his fan’s respected the most about him was, “saying exactly the thing we considered in a way we never would have considered it” (On The Media). Carr is also considered to be the “greatest times man” and coincidentally lived in Montclair, NJ.

The reason for choosing the particular podcast comes from recently watching the 2011 documentary, Page One: Inside The New York Times, in which Carr is at the forefront. Upon watching the documentary it was very clear how David Carr put his heart and soul into his work and showed how great his love was for not only the field of journalism but also specifically the New York Times. This scene shows David Carr in a tense meeting with Vice magazine executives and portrays Carr’s quick defense against the integrity and work of his field and fellow colleagues. David wasn’t just a journalist he was a major part of the media field and showed that the way a story is perceived relates to how it is presented and the way in which he presented his stories and ideas were with great insight. He is the foremost example of an extraordinary journalist who cannot be replaced.


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