The Future of 'Castle'

With a new season of programming planning underway, networks are determining what shows will return for another season…among them being ABC’s “Castle.” According to, one thing for sure is Nathan Fillion has signed a new contract, should the show get picked up for its eighth season. Although Fillion’s deal has been signed, Stana Katic who plays the co-lead role of Kate Beckitt, has not yet signed a new deal. Both Fillion and Katic’s contracts are up at the end of the show’s current season. The show has continued to be a solid performer for ABC, even with a slight decrease in viewers for the current season 7. Being an avid viewer myself, the decrease could be due to viewers feeling as though the question of where Castle disappeared to, in the beginning of the season, has gone unanswered and sort of, avoided. With that being said, viewers questions will be answered on tonight’s episode as the story of Castle’s disappearance unfolds. As a viewer, I am extremely intrigued about tonight’s episode and the show’s future as a whole, so I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight’s episode creates a spike in viewers and cause the numbers to increase again. In an interview with, Amann discussed Castle’s disappearance, executive producer David Amann stated, “We always knew that the missing time was not going to stay a mystery for the entire season. We felt like we owed the audience more than just a test on what happened in that missing time.” The show has yet to be renewed for another season but many reports say the shows return is a safe bet. The show’s current season has shown Castle and Beckitt finally tie the knot and get rid of the 3XK serial killer mystery for good. David Amann, who is the current showrunner, will be exiting his position from the crime drama. Series creator Andrew Marlowe will also be stepping away. Marlowe passed on the title of showrunner to Amann at the end of season 6, although Marlowe has been actively involved in season 7, serving as an executive producer. The shows turnover of execs is probably another reason for speculation regarding a renewal, as the search for a new showrunner is underway.

With the show being in its seventh season, many may feel like Castle and Beckitt’s story could be coming to an end or that their story may have reached its greatest creative potential. However, I agree with the “Castle” bosses that there is still a great amount of good storytelling ahead as long as ABC allows those stories to be told. Beckett is preparing to take the Captain’s exam, so her professional future is a big part of that story, as is the idea of her and Castle starting a family together. In other words, show writers have good stuff to get to if they are given the opportunity.

It’s very interesting to me how a show with such a great story and a show that has had such a great run, such as Castle, will at some point reach their creative growth and when that happens, producers need to pick up and move on to their next project. It must be hard and sad in some ways for not just the actors and actresses but the entire show’s crew to have to being start something new after getting comfortable working on a show over several seasons.

Castle bosses, as well as myself, are optimistic about the shows return. Marlowe stated, “We’re very hopeful that we’ll be coming back…as the show that everybody knows and loves.” The season finale, which is set to air Monday, May 11 at 10 PM on ABC, is said to end on an interesting note, as Marlowe said, “I wouldn’t call [the finale] a traditional cliff-hanger, but there are very specific unresolved issues about our characters that will allow us a fascinating springboard into a next season.” Marlowe also pointed out that even if the show doesn’t get picked up for season 8, the story and the character’s journeys have come to a very interesting point. I can agree with this, however, Castle and Beckitt are just starting their life together and it would be shocking to see it end now. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


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